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How much would your organization benefit from a streamline event management system? Central Ohio Websites has the Membership Management software you need to efficiently handle redundant and time consuming tasks

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Non-Profit Membership Management

Building support for your cause is exciting and brings a sense of gratification to you. After you have grown your member base and support, you have found dealing with the everyday administrative tasks are a by-product of that success. Attracting donors and communicating with your members takes more and more time away from the reason you started your organization. Management Membership's wants to automate processes to reduce the dependency on hours of volunteer hours to keep your non-profit afloat allowing you to get back to the pleasure of getting your message out to others. Investing in membership software pays dividends for years to come.


  • Search member Database
  • Export to member information into Excel
  • Automatically send event notices, confirmations and renewal reminders to your members
  • Reach out and contact your whole membership or any selected group via built-in email function
  • Shows documents specific to that member's joined groups
  • Allows purchase of products
  • Member's may change contact information
  • Send out reminder emails
  • Send invites to events